Railcar Loading and Unloading

Shipping products by rail can be the least expensive way to transport large or heavy products. If you are shipping to or from anywhere along the West Coast, our Vancouver and Fontana facilities provide conveniently-located railcar loading and unloading services.

Products sent to our facilities by rail are inspected, inventoried, unloaded and stored until the customer is ready for them to be sent to their final destination by truck or vessel. Products shipped by rail from our facilities are consolidated from our storage yards, loaded, and inspected before pick up.

Our facilities are served by the BNSF railroad which provides access to roads across the continent. Our staff works closely with BNSF to ensure the timely transportation of products to and from our facilities.

We are equipped to load and unload centerbeam flatcars, bulkhead flatcars, boxcars, and gondolas.

Call or email today for a quote or to discuss your railcar reload and shipping needs with our helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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